The Making of a Studio Space – part 3 of 3 – Stacy Literski

February 18, 2015
blogtitlesIf you missed part 1 or part 2, be sure to check those out so you can appreciate how beautiful Stacy’s studio turned out! 

Time for the big reveal!   Construction finished overall in August and I have been loving having a studio ever since.  It has proved to be the right move for my busines, my family, and most of all, Me!

Sit back and enjoy the view of the newly finished studio!2015-02-13_0001

Armless Chairs purchased at Target, no longer available
Open Sign ~ Etsy2015-02-13_0003
Essential Oil Diffuser ~ Amazon
DoTERRA Essentail Oils ~ DoTERRA I diffuse Lavender all year and at Christmas, Holiday Joy!
I get lots of compliments on the smell inside the studio!
Dresser from Craigslist
Camera Coffee mug from Gordmans (have also seen them on Zulily)
Handy Backdrop storage ~ Handmade by a 2015 senior and his Dad
White Cubbies ~ ShopKo in Store
The space is wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout!  The studio is exactly as I had envisioned early on in the beginning stages.  Not pictured is a full basement where I am able to store unused props, seasonal decor, and packaging supplies.
What do you guys think of Stacy’s studio?  Jealous?  I know I am!   To check out her work, click on the following links:
Website    |   Faceboook












Tuesday tutorial… 10 tips on how to attract clientele!

February 17, 2015

We all want to know how to attract clientele, right? What is a business without clients. There are a lot of simple yet effective things you can be doing to attract the right clients fro you. I don’t take clients at the moment. But when I did these are the things I did to keep clients coming in. Again, super simple stuff but so effective and all of it added together will help your business grow. blogtitles

1. The power of social media. Social media is huge, USE IT. You want to be on as many sites as you can be. Get in front of those clients. Marketing yourself is going to be a huge part of your business so don’t be lazy about it. If you want a  consistent client base you have to work to get that. Especially when you are first starting. It is going to be a lot of consistency from you to attract those clients. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogging. Anywhere you can be to find them, do it. Be consistent with posting. I posted at least 2 times a day on my Facebook page and Instagram. Those are the 2 most effective social medias sites that have worked for me. But I also use Pinterest. I haven’t started a twitter yet. I hear it is effective. Use hash tags on Instagram, even on Facebook. They do work. The hashtags on Instagram are crazy powerful. People will find you. Again, post consistently, show sneaks of each persons session and tag them in their sneaks. By tagging them now all their friends see those images and could all be potential clients. Also, post engaging posts. Something that will get people commenting and liking. Engage your audience. Make it about them. The more people you get liking and most importantly commenting on your posts, the more you will get thrown out in those feeds for their friends to see your page. IT WORKS! Engage, engage, engage. Use your blog. Blog your sessions. Set up a mailing list on your blog so nobody misses your blog posts. So stay consistent on your social media. Its a huge thing.

2. Run promotions. People love promotions. This will bring attention to existing clients and bring on new clients. Run a deal for a limited time, put an expiration date on it so they won’t want to put it off and miss the deal. Also, only offer a limited number on the promotion so people will want to purchase it fast. Run print promotions for existing clients. Make them want to come back. Do a giveaway here and there. Treat your clients nicely and they will want to come back. Send out newsletters on your blog. Make sure you have a lot of people on that mailing lists so nobody misses it. Newsletters work so well. Also always have business cards on hand. Don’t be afraid to hand them out. Ask your clients to hand them out. Some people don’t mind.

3. Start a referral program. This will want to make your existing clients market you so they get deals on their next session or on their prints. Whatever it may be. Refer a friend get 20% off of your next session. Something to get them talking to their friends. Its a win win win. You get new clients and more sessions from existing clients and your clients are happy. Even start a points based system. Something so clients can build up points towards 50% off a session or something. I am telling you people love stuff like this.

4. Make sure you have a professional, easy to navigate website. Nobody likes to go to a site that is unprofessional looking and hard to navigate. Make sure its up to date with your best work. Make sure they can contact you easily. If they have to search and search for a way to contact you they will go elsewhere. Also, make sure you have some sort of brand for yourself. Again, I said this last week in my tutorial on how to market yourself. This is huge. You want some sort of logo, watermark and even colors to be consistent so people know who you are as soon as they see you pop up. Things that stand out so people remember you. Having something unique to offer or unique about you or your business so you stand out. Having your own style to set you out from the rest. That is why I always tell people to be yourself. Don’t try so hard to achieve someone elses style/look. It is great to follow others and be inspired and learn how they do things from them but perfect your own look through that education.

5. Market what you want. Only market and post the type of work you want to attract. Don’t post tons of lifestyle images if those are not the type of sessions you want to book. Clients are going to want to book what they see. So put in front of them what you want them to book. Then market to your right market. It isn’t going to do you any good if you have a ton of clients coming to you that want maternity when you only shoot newborns. Or people wanting posed family sessions when you only take lifestyle. The more consistent you are with what you want and show the more clients will come your way that are the right fit for you.

6. Quality not quantity. Always always always give your best work. Concentrate on quality of the product not the quantity of what you give them. So always shoot and post your best. Don’t settle for a shot because you are tired and want to go home. If you know you can get better, than get better. Post your best images on the web. And what I did. I always always gave a little more than I said and what they were expecting. If I said 15 images I would give 25 or 30. That’s me. You can only give even a couple more. People love when you go above and beyond their expectations.

7. Keep in contact. This is huge with clients. People don’t want to be waiting around wondering what they are suppose to be doing. Keep in contact with them. Let them know what they are suppose to do, what to expect from your shoot. Let them know good choice in clothing, let them know if they is anything they should be doing before the shoot. And always always get back to them within 24 hours. Way sooner if you can. They don’t like to wait. They will go elsewhere. Make them feel important.

8. Awards and publishes. It always looks great on you to clients when you have won awards and been published. So get out there and try. Trust me, clients feel like they are working with one of the best when they hear you are an award winning photographer and have been published in magazines.

9. Prompt delivery. Give them a set amount of time when they can expect their finished images. And try to beat that time. Clients love when they get their images before they expected it. But never be late. When I started I was way too busy. I never said no to a shoot. I got behind and people did NOT like it. I lost clients and I had clients pretty upset. They don’t like it. At least get them done in the time you quote them. Also like I said with me, don’t over book yourself. Leave yourself room to breath so you don’t get overwhelmed and burnt out. I did this to myself when I started and got sick. I ended up not picking up my camera, coming online or anything for 3 months. Learn to say no if you are busy. It may stink but its better for you and your clients. Treat your clients amazing and with respect. Over booking yourself is not good for anyone. You will start to slack on things when you are tired and stressed. Don’t be a crab, always be nice and positive. Everyone is a potential client.

10. The most important in my eyes. valuing your work. You need to value your work. Don’t price low just to get clients. Price your worth. Trust me clients will book good photographers no matter what their price is. Don’t make people view you as the low priced photographer because that’s how you market yourself. If you price low just to get clients, people won’t respect you. There usually isn’t any loyalty when people make decisions based on prices alone. You want people to make decisions based on amazing work that don’t care what your prices are. VALUE yourself and others will to.

I hope these few tips will guide you in the right direction to building a client base. Nothing comes overnight. It takes hard work and consistency. So work hard, and good things will come. Consistency, consistency, consistency. It will pay off. If you have any questions please feel free to message me on my business page at Privizzini’s Passion Photography. As always please let us know below in the comments section what has worked best for you. And because no blog post is a blog post without an image. Here is a favorite from my maternity session I just did. Thank you. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber


Shadows – Weekly Facebook Theme

February 15, 2015

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!  Here are our top 10 shadow images:

Bridgette E. Photographybridgettee

CK Design & Photographyckdesign

Danielle Hunter Photographydaniellehunter

Holly Nicole Photographyhollynicole

Jamie Nicole Scott, Photographerjamienicole

JKeenan Photographyjkeenan

K&S Snapshotsk&ssnapshots

Kindred Photographerkindred

Noelle MacGregor Photographynoellemacgregor

Sabrina V. Photographysabrinav

After yesterday, I’m sure you have some great love photos, so that’s what we’d like to see this week!  Post 1-2 love images on our wall for a chance to be featured!

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