A Getaway by Laura Shachmut

March 13, 2015

blogtitlesWe’re so excited to have forum member, Laura Shachmut, on the blog today to show us some beautiful photos from her recent trip. 


Do you ever wish you could get away?  Sure.  We all do, right?  I’m a wife and mother to three kids.  I have a full time career and a photography business.  The chances I have to get away are, few.

But, a few weeks ago, get away is exactly what I did.  My husband and I took a very spontaneous trip – the first time we’ve ever left all the kids and only the second time we’ve ever taken a trip alone since we we’ve been married.  A great airfare find and a little bit of luck later – we had planned a whirlwind trip to New York City, Milan, and Rome!  This lady was excited.

I stressed about what to bring, and what not to bring when it came to photography planning.  I ended up taking the 24-70 as my only lens.  It ended up working out and it was nice to just have one lens on such a short trip.

Our first stop was New York City.  We’ve never been.  We started with a view from the top of the Empire State Building as we rang in Valentine’s Day.2015-03-06_0001

The next day, we bundled up and made a morning trip to see the Statue of Liberty – when you’re only in NYC for a day, you’ve got to do the big stuff first.  While I loved seeing the monuments, my favorite photographs are always the ones that capture the details – and the things that most people don’t look at.  But, these detail shots are what capture the feel of the day for me.



We quickly made our way to the airport and (barely) made our flight to Milan.  I waited and waited to see  dawn break over Europe. I was so happy to see it.



We landed in Milan, jet-lagged but happy.  We wasted no time finding gelato and going to see the Duomo.  And what’s an Italian plaza without pigeons?


The next morning, we took a train to Rome.  We only had 2 days, so we went straight for the big hitters. We loved the Colosseum – from both a historical and a photography prospective, it was really amazing to be there.   2015-03-06_0006

We had a lovely dinner that night and walked around the city.  Oh, and we got more gelato.  We did that as often as possible. 2015-03-06_0007


Day two in Rome started with coffee and then was straight to the Vatican museums and St. Peter’s Bascillica.  There were so many beautiful pieces to see – far too many to see in one morning.  What I noticed, though, was how I was equally distracted by the interesting light coming through a side window as I was by the artwork. 2015-03-06_0008

I was just in love with the sunbeams in the Basilica.  2015-03-06_00092015-03-06_0010

We refueled with Gelato and then tackled the Roman Forum.  My husband was really looking forward to this stop and we awed at the history for hours.  It didn’t hurt that we had the most perfect weather while we roamed Rome.  2015-03-06_0011

This is my favorite picture of the trip.  It captures the atmosphere of how that moment felt and it transports me back when I look at it. 2015-03-06_0012

I won’t admit to the public how many pictures I actually took on our short little trip, but I hope you enjoyed this small selection of them.

I recommend having a getaway every so often, even on smaller scales.  We came back happy, refreshed and to the best kid hugs ever.

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