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May 1, 2015

In this month’s Instagram blog post I am sharing with you the photography journey of Josey Miller.  I discovered Josey’s work while scrolling through the #lightinspired hashtag on Instagram as I do daily to feature images and her work stopped me in my tracks.  I loved that each image she shared told a story and made me feel connected to her world while being miles apart.  My husband lived in China for several years, at a time before we knew one another, and although it’s a piece of his life that I was not a part of I feel connected to it in some way when I look at Josey’s work.   I find it amazing how sharing our visual imagery with others can form connections in ways we never thought possible.  Isn’t that the reason we pick up the camera….to document, to tell stories, to make connections?  It certainly is for me and I hope you are inspired by and enjoy reading about Josey’s journey.  Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

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Growing up in a small mountain town in western Montana, falling in love with photography was a natural compliment to discovering the world around me. But it wasn’t until a neighbor from across the field turned their barn loft into a darkroom that the desire to learn and appreciate the craft truly took root. The quiet transformation of a blank paper to a dripping photograph hanging from the ceiling captured me completely and was the inspiration to get behind the camera, where the process all begins. Small disposable cameras soon invaded my everything as I attempted to arrest the many moments that make up a day; the click and wind of my camera was becoming the soundtrack to my life.

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The music soon changed when my disposable gave way to my first Canon film camera, an old 35mm, and with the change came further education and more time in the darkroom. Working intimately with each picture allowed me to see them all as more then just the sum of their parts; the small intricate details began to stand out and separate themselves from the photograph, and I was entranced. Lines, shadows, spacing, color, light, and texture were always apart of my photos, but I hadn’t really understood them yet or saw them clearly as the simple interactions of my day to day surroundings, and I was suddenly drawn in to all the basic components that made the complex and simple beauty of photography. It was then that I first became engulfed in the artistry of a photograph. Light bounced and shadowed, colors shouted and harmonized, lines lead and separated, and texture created moods. And I wanted to capture it all.

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In 2005, my then fiancé and I married on the mountaintops of Montana, honeymooned in California for a year, and then grew our family with the addition of three babies over the next six years. Taking pictures had become more about preserving memories and less of a creative drive. In 2012, my family and I moved across the world to teach at an international school in Western China. Over the first year, the fog of transition slowly lifted, and my eyes were soon opened. My lens began to focus on a new culture, and Life. I began taking city walks and venturing out in the countryside, much like I had when a young girl in the mountains of Montana. I began looking for and exploring back alleys and tucked away shops. And, my joy, taking my kids along for small adventures around the neighborhood in search of markets, food stands, and the everyday life I hoped to learn together and capture.

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This summer will mark three years living overseas with my family, and although my eyes are still captivated by the scene of living art, it is the human experience that intrigues and grips me most. It is the people and their day before them, everywhere, that pulls me from my front door and out into their world, our world. In this place, I couldn’t help but develop a strong desire and passion to tell stories with images. To capture not only beautiful humanity but a sense of Time that will one day, if not too soon, disappear.

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Photography feeds me. I learn and discover the world through it while it continually offers new opportunities to grow. My hope is that taking photographs truly deepens my perception of Life and allows an avenue of self-reflection. My greatest dream would of course be to travel the globe and create, but more importantly I’d love to in someway be able to use my gifts and tools to help others. For now I am grateful to honor, illustrate, and document these beautiful Stories in hope that they offer a window in which to view this world.

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Amy Donohue is a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer living in Central Vermont serving all of New England.  She has a one-in-a-million husband and three kids who inspire her work through their everyday adventures of living in  Vermont. She completed her first 365 project in 2013 and a second one in 2014.  She decided that was enough for 2015 but does try and shoot daily sharing her images on her website and on Instagram. She is so excited to be a part of the Light Inspired team and looks forward to seeing you on Instagram where she showcases some pretty amazing images for Light Inspired.


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