Behind the Scenes – Gardner Quadruplets Lifestyle Session

June 8, 2016

I had the opportunity to follow Loni Smith around during her follow up lifestyle session for the adorably cute Gardner Quadruplets that you may have seen on the TLC show Rattled!  If you think a photo session with a 1 year old who just learned to walk is hard…. wait til you see four 1 year old’s in action!  I was so impressed with Loni’s upbeat attitude and fun shots that she got during the session.  Take a peek at the video for a glimpse inside shooting a day in the life session.

Here’s what Loni had to say about doing the session:

A year ago, I shot a lifestyle session of the Gardner quadruplets. It was easy to get all of the babies in one shot – they were all swaddled tight and didn’t mind staring at the ceiling. Now, a year later, we decided to do another lifestyle session to document what has changed. I must say, a lot has changed. Getting four active one year olds in one photo is not an easy task! I had to be quick and when it seemed like I’d finally get the shot, without fail, one of the babies would take off on a new adventure. There was less time to compose my shot and more time spent chasing after a toddler that escaped the pack. So I had to adapt my process and find out what worked with four sets of feet running in four different directions. Aside from the difficulty of getting a pictures of all four girls (and getting them in focus!), this session was so much fun! There was more interaction, easier smiles, lots of laughter and constant movement. There was always something to capture – a kiss on the cheek from mom or dad, lost shoes, throwing food, climbing, running, falling, giggling… It was exhausting and a total joy. And I’d gladly do it ten times over.

 For more of Loni’s work, be sure to check her out with the links below.


Video by Stacey Petersen


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