Featured Session -Strawberry Picking by Maggie Fuller

September 18, 2015

Today we’re taking a peek at a session by Maggie Fuller of Tampa Florida.  Looking through these images it was like I was there!  Especially when I got to the strawberry juice one.  Love it.  Take a look and be sure to catch more of Maggie’s work on the links below!

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A short twenty minute drove from downtown Tampa is an organic strawberry field, lovingly called Strawberry Passion Farms. For about four weeks the farm offers u-pick, a chance to pick your very own warm, ripe strawberries directly from the knee-high bushes. Some berries make it into the bucket, while even more make it straight into little mouths with juice dripping down making new patterns on white dresses.  I met up with this adventurous family on an early Saturday morning and we all went home with pink stained fingers, pounds of strawberries, and their own special memories to go along with the images.

LI1_MaggieFuller LI2_MaggieFuller LI3_MaggieFuller LI4_MaggieFuller LI5_MaggieFuller LI6_MaggieFuller LI7_MaggieFuller LI8_MaggieFuller LI9_MaggieFuller LI10_MaggieFuller LI11_MaggieFuller

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