Interview with Amber Carbo Privizzini

March 31, 2016

I’m so excited to be able to sit down with this week’s artist, Amber Carbo Privizzini. Not only is she an absolutely phenomenal photographer, but she is such a huge inspiration and supporter of other artists in the photography community. Amber has such a unique style that is truly her own, emotive and powerful. Thank you so much for joining us Amber, I can’t wait to dive into this interview with you.

Amber, tell us a little bit about your beautiful family and where you live?

I am a happily married mama to my best friend. I know that sounds cliche but he really is my best friend and has showed me life truly can be beautiful and has taught me true love. We have 4 beautiful kids that inspire me everyday to live life happy and beautiful. And are also my inspirations for shooting everyday. We are a country loving, chicken owning, outdoors adventuring family that love to get dirty and explore nature. We live in Connecticut but would love to move to TN or TX some day to live our farm life that we so badly want.



You have such powerful and artistic images, what is it about emotive images that really grab your eye?

I love emotive images that give me all the feels. An image that can pull me in and make me actually feel is a powerful image and that is what I love about art. That we can feel so powerfully from images and learn so much about who we are as people and artists. Creating and following emotive artists has taught me not only who I want to be as an artist but I have learned so much about me, myself and who I am. I love creative, unique images that stop me in my tracks. Being different is what it is about with me. To me learning the rules and then learning to break them like an artists is what keeps me going and trying new things. It is about so much more than a pretty image, its about being able to tell a story and make viewers feel and see exactly what you saw and felt.





I know you almost solely photograph your family, what made you decide to slow down photographing you clients and primarily shoot your family?

I used to be full time with clients. But I was never home, and when I was I was always editing to stay inside my turn around times on galleries. I also wasn’t fully able to be myself and who I wanted to really be as an artist. I wanted to stop and first off focus on my family but I also wanted to find who I was as an artist and create for me. I know I can always take clients, but I can’t always watch my kids grow. They grow so fast and I was missing so much. Since my decision I now know who I want to be as an artist and can focus on building my forum and Creative Pro program that I so badly want to do. I am sure I will take clients again some day. But for now I am very happy with my decision!


If you could buy one piece of photography equipment right now, what would it be and why?

I would definitely buy an amazing underwater housing. I so badly want to create underwater and will someday hopefully soon. I have so many visions for underwater that eat at me and eat at me. Underwater work is so unique and amazing. So I hope I can be underwater with my camera soon. But I definitely don’t want to skimp on underwater housing. I want to wait until I can buy something really good.



If you could have one artist photograph your family who would it be?

Oh gosh, we just had this discussion in my group. LOL. Its almost impossible for me to pick one person. I follow so many amazing unique artists and love them all for that very reason, they are unique. If I had to choose one person, I would definitely choose someone unique. I like to be unique and want my walls unique. Its such a hard question to answer. GAH! Ok, The Red balloon Photography. Just gorgeous work and so unique. Or Sarah Landa Photography. I know you said one. I told you I just can’t choose one. Theres so so many.



What are some future dreams/goals you have for your business?

I definitely want to continue on with building an amazing community at the forum and an amazing Creative Pro program. I also would absolutely love to do travel sessions and in person workshops. I really want to travel the world. So to be able to do that and my love of photography would just be amazing. I want to continue to push myself as an artist, try new things and just be who I want to be.



One thing I love about you, is how open you are with tips and how you process your photos. Do you future plans to do more with this, or a place where you solely offer this?

Well right now I do weekly tips on the forum, and offer flash freebies here and there on editing videos, presets, etc. A huge part of who I am is being helpful, supportive and encouraging. I am a giver at heart. So I definitely will continue to help out and offer more things for photographers to learn and grow. I have plans for a lot of this on the forum as the forum is what I really want to focus on this year and grow.



If you could photograph something that was totally different from you, something you’ve never done, what would it be?

Tough question. I really would love to photograph birth stories. It is something I really would love to get into. And of course underwater. Those two things are definitely it.



Could you leave some advice for both seasoned and new photographers?

BE YOU! Be yourself. Be who you want to be as a person and artist. Listen to your heart. Create what you love, not what others want to see. We will never ever please everyone so we must please ourselves. Create from your heart, always! Be supportive and encouraging to others. We need more of that in this industry.

Thank you so much Amber for taking the time to sit down with me, I so enjoyed reading through all of your responses, and can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Be sure to check out Amber’s beautiful work here.






Rebecca Wang

Rebecca Wang is a documentary and lifestyle photographer that lives on the beautiful central coast of California. She has 2 boys, ages 3 and 7, and an amazing supportive husband whom supports all of her ideas. Rebecca is a military spouse, so traveling and change is very common for their family and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Rebecca is inspired by her daily life and the adventures and traveling her family do. She has had many blog interviews and guest appearances, a spread and cover photo on beyond the wanderlust photography magazine, had an honorable mention and two nominee photos in the child photo competition, and is currently doing her first 365 photo project. She is so happy to be apart of the Light Inspired team, and can’t wait to find, meet, and showcase inspiring artists for you all to meet.


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