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March 25, 2016
This month’s Instagram blog post I wanted to share with you an interview with one of my favorite photographers to follow on Instagram, Annie Morris.  Her daily images of her children are infused with rich color, gorgeous flare and sweet bokeh.  Follow more of her work on Instagram at @anniemorris_
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1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in photography.
I developed a love of photography sometime in college. Although I never took a class I remember buying books and trying to figure out how it all worked. Of course I didn’t have a good camera so it was difficult to learn. Then I met my husband who happened to own Rebel 2000 and I fell in love (first with the camera and then with him). I carried it everywhere taking pictures of anything and everything. I went through rolls of films. Then when digital cameras came out I bought a little point and shoot and photography and my canon rebel took a back seat to life. In 2010 close friends of ours experienced the sudden loss of a child. We spent the week with them as they grieved. A lot of the time was spent going through pictures of their daughter. The day after we returned home my husband went out and bought me a canon rebel xt1. I have spent the last 6 years immersed in photography and am still learning, but I am determined to capture my children as they grow.
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2) What inspires your photography?
Beautiful light and my children. When I see beautiful light I will place one of my children in it, but I also love to capture them as they are. Although I might direct them a bit I’m also just letting them be themselves. Some of my favorite images have come from times when they don’t want to cooperate. I have learned to let go and let them do their own thing.
3) Your images have beautiful bokeh, what lens do you use to get this and what is your favorite equipment setup to shoot with?
I shoot with a Sony A7 and a variety of lenses. My favorite is my vintage Canon 50mm 0.95. It has incredible flare and a painterly bokeh when shoot wide open. Of course I miss focus about 90% of the time. I also use my zeiss 35mm 1.4 a lot indoors. Its very sharp and sometime I just need autofocus. My other vintage lenses include a Canon FD 85mm 1.2 and a helios 44-2. I also have a fuji x100t which I love to throw in my purse, because you just never know when you’re going to wish you had brought your camera.
DSC08487 DSC03810
4) What’s your preferred editing program and process for creating the beautiful tones in your images?
I’m an incredible lazy editor as I just don’t have time to sit in front of a computer. I have a VSCO preset that I’ve tweaked which is applied when I import my photos into Lightroom. After that I do minor adjustments in the basic panel. If I really love a photo I might spend some time with the adjustment brushes and clone tool just to clean it up a bit. I very rarely use photoshop and if I do it’s just for major cloning. I usually edit in bed at the end of the day on my Wacom Companion 2. I rarely use my computer anymore.


Big thanks to Annie for sharing her photography journey and how she creates such beautiful photographs!


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Amy Donohue is a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer living in Central Vermont serving all of New England.  She has a one-in-a-million husband and three kids who inspire her work through their everyday adventures of living in  Vermont. She completed her first 365 project in 2013 and has continued to shoot and share daily on Instagram and her website. She is so excited to be a part of the Light Inspired team and looks forward to seeing you on Instagram where she showcases some pretty amazing images for Light Inspired.


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