Interview with Instagrammer Michelle Morrison @quirkcollaborative

May 27, 2016

This month’s Instagram interview is with Michelle Morrison @quirkcollaborative.  We love Michelle’s infusion of light and rich tones into her images and wanted to know more about her photography.

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Tell us a little about yourself.
I am mother to 2 empathetic, curious and passionate children and I am lucky to have, by my side, a kindhearted and compassionate woman whom i get to call my partner.  We live in a small city, about 30 minutes out from Brisbane, Australia.  We have a big backyard with dogs, chickens and a veggie patch. A very lacklustre veggie patch at the moment, but we’re working on it!  As a family, we are trying to resist the consumerist lifestyle that has become the norm. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes, it’s really not. Regardless, it always leaves us feeling good about our choices and what we’re teaching our children.
Tell us about how you got started in photography.
I moved away from my home city to Germany in 2009. This was when my children were little and for a lot of my time away i was quite isolated. I fell in love with photography during this time. I wanted (needed!) to know everything i could about it and would shoot and edit and read obsessively.  Of course i realise now that i will never know everything about photography and i love the fact that i can evermore learn and grow with this passion.
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Tell us what your go to camera + lens setup is and what is your processing method.
I use a Canon 5Dii and although i have multiple lenses i rarely shoot with anything other than my 50mm 1.2L.  It’s definitely my go to!
What is your favorite conditions to shoot in?
I actually wouldn’t say i prefer any shooting condition over another. I love experimenting at different times of the day under different conditions. I love the contrast of working with light and shade and using them together to create interest. I’ve also recently fallen in love with shooting right before the sun disappears, when you can achieve those deeply rich, warm images.
What keeps you inspired?
So much.
Seeing other peoples work inspires me.  When i see what other people can create, the way light and dark is used in so many varied ways, images drenched in emotion. There is so much work out there to be experienced. So much work. And it is all so brave…others putting their creative work out there and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. There is so much to learn from just viewing other’s work.
The feedback that i get from my clients keeps me inspired too. Knowing that i have been able to capture a point of time in their life, one that they want to hang on the wall and look at daily, one that can make them feel something not just see something. That means everything.


Amy Donohue Photography200x200LIAmy Donohue

Instagram Admin

Amy Donohue is a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer living in Central Vermont serving all of New England.  She has a one-in-a-million husband and three kids who inspire her work through their everyday adventures of living in  Vermont. She completed her first 365 project in 2013 and has continued to shoot and share daily on Instagram and her website. She is so excited to be a part of the Light Inspired team and looks forward to seeing you on Instagram where she showcases some pretty amazing images for Light Inspired.


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