Interview with Kate Oman Photography

April 14, 2016

I’m so excited to interview this next artist, Kate Oman, of Kate Oman Photography.  I’ve enjoyed Kate’s work for some time now.   Kate has such a unique editing style, so bright and always so much light.  She can turn any bright harsh light, or any light for that matter into pure magic and you will know immediately when you see it that it came from this fantastic artist.  Thank you so much Kate for sitting down with me and taking the time to answer some questions, let’s get started!

Kate, tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

Thank you, Rebecca! I’m so excited for this opportunity! I’m married to my best friend and we have one beautiful baby girl. We are just a little military family of three. I am a hobbyist at the moment. I enjoy capturing our ever changing life and our friends and family along the way.


I know your main muse is your daughter, what do you hope she remembers or gains from the photos you take of her?

My photography journey began before she was born, but it wasn’t until she arrived that I made it a priority to really figure out what I was doing with my camera. At first, I would photograph her sitting and smiling until I realized that the images where her personality showed were always my favorite. When she looks back at her photos I want her to see herself as she was day to day. I want to catch all sides of her personality, all of her little quirks, her favorite things, the way she dresses herself, her constant twirling, her sparkly pink obsession, everything! Starting a 365 has been such a great learning experience. Now, to me, my photos of her feel 100% authentic.


Where do you see yourself in your photography journey further down the road?

I’d really love to offer small in person workshops. I worked with an amazing photographer (and friend) in Montana and tagging along at her classes and workshops was so fun! I enjoyed it even more than shooting!


If you could photograph anything and had free reins to do so, what would it be and why?

Editorial and fashion photography! It sounds so exciting!


What lens do you find yourself gravitating towards the most?

I love my 35 at the moment. It gives me the cutest little rainbow flares. If I’m not shooting with the 35 I’m probably using my 16-35.


If you could have any artist photograph your family who would it be and why?

Hands down Candice Zugich of The Blissful Maven. I am completely drawn to the emotion and tones in her images. Love her!


Is there a technique you’ve been wanting to try or play with?

I would love to get my hands on a tilt shift lens, but until then I am really interested in trying out the Brenizer Method.


I have always loved your editing style, what do you think draws your eye to bright photos?

I’ve always felt like my editing style is all over the place. I struggled with that for a long time because I really admire an artist that can stick to a certain editing style. I tried forever to figure out what that style was for me, and I ended up realizing that I love to shoot what feels right and editing it for how I feel that day. I love change so sticking to a certain style would never suit me anyways. The only constant for me is that I love lots and lots of light and I can’t even tell you why other than it makes my heart happy!


Besides photographing your insanely gorgeous daughter, do you have any other muses that you gravitate towards?

No one in particular, but I’d really love to get into Mommy and Me sessions. Selfishly I wish I had someone around me everyday shooting my time with my daughter. Being able to capture those moments for someone else would be so rewarding!


If you could give one piece of advise to both new and seasoned photographers, what would it be and why?

Try not to compare yourself to other artists, shoot what makes you happy, and break some rules. Oh, and be encouraging to others! That was totally more than one.


To check out more of Kate’s beautiful work, head to Facebook  or Instagram!

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Rebecca Wang is a documentary and lifestyle photographer that lives on the beautiful central coast of California. She has 2 boys, ages 3 and 7, and an amazing supportive husband whom supports all of her ideas. Rebecca is a military spouse, so traveling and change is very common for their family and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Rebecca is inspired by her daily life and the adventures and traveling her family do. She has had many blog interviews and guest appearances, a spread and cover photo on beyond the wanderlust photography magazine, had an honorable mention and two nominee photos in the child photo competition, and is currently doing her first 365 photo project. She is so happy to be apart of the Light Inspired team, and can’t wait to find, meet, and showcase inspiring artists for you all to meet.


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