Interview with My Four Hens Photography

March 5, 2015

We’re excited to bring you our March interview with Sarah from My Four Hens Photography.  If you missed our previous interviews this year, here are the links for our Simplicity Photography Interview and Michelle Moore’s Interview.  

9607416137_25e774909c_c How did you start in photography?

This is such a multifaceted question for me. I had more than one beginning. I have always loved photography, but the film investment was great for a young struggling family so I put it on the back burner. When digital became widely available (and affordable) we jumped on the opportunity. I put my camera on manual and never looked back.

14207093759_2a0912c398_cWhy do you love doing what you do?

There are all the cliche reasons but honestly I love the creative outlet. I love that there is such an intimate piece of myself out there in the world. I love that when I am older I am going to have a tangible record of our life. Alzheimer’s is rampant in my family and I am terrified I am going to lose my memory. This is a security blanket of sorts.

11674532623_be18a7ac38_c Do you have 3 pieces of advice to those who are just starting in the world of photography?

  • Take your time. You will thank yourself later. Be patient.
  • Do NOT compare yourself to others. Your journey looks different because you are different.
  • Work your butt off. It pays off in spades. Be a risk taker.

14277877730_0b45aee500_c What are 3 words that describe your shooting style?

Emotive, Organic and Honest

12076903625_34cc9c7507_c How many shoots do you average per year?

It depends on the year and what our calendar looks like. At a minimum 30 at the most 75.

What’s in your camera bag?

I only shoot primes so I like to have a lot of different focal lengths at my disposal. It is just how I personally work. It took years and years to acquire what I have but I just can’t part with anything lol.

Click here for a full list.

14420436280_676af87758_c What’s next on your wish list for camera gear?

You know this sounds crazy, but in this moment I am completely happy with my gear. I don’t want anything else right now.

15171057856_9033617c6c_c If you could choose any photographer to take your photo, who would that be?

Oh, this is hard. I would say Sue Bryce. She is just such a beautiful person inside out and that reflects that so perfectly in her work. She has a way of making women feel just as beautiful. The experience seems just as special as her images.

16136198299_acdbed12ba_c Is there a certain type of photography that you dread doing or refuse to do?

Traditional newborn portraiture. I LOVE looking at others, but I just never really got into.

9145048724_c140314393_b Is there anything on your photography bucket list that you’re dying to do?

I am dying to photography my family in Scotland. My husband and I are probably going this year which is a dream come true, but oh to bring my kids. I wish we could afford it. It isn’t in the cards right now, but someday.

16210058315_91ff8a87af_c What is your favorite way to get dads relaxed in front of the camera?

I make sure to give them just as much attention as I give my Mamas. There is a lot of affirmation and reassurance that goes on and I make sure to tell them how long to expect to be before we get started because it usually keeps them from staring at their watch. I also make sure they are well fed as the kids lol! I have always gotten along well with guys and joke with my husband that he married a Dude with girly parts so that helps too. And when I can Wes comes to my sessions and hangs to keep the Dad’s from feeling out numbered.

16097405449_5ed5a115dd_c What is your preferred lighting scenario for a family shoot?

I mean, we all love Golden Hour right? BUT I love to push myself. I will shoot in almost all lighting situations. Creating something beautiful out of the unconventional motivates me.

16345055315_a9c9fe7e25_cDo you have any personal photography projects happening in 2015?

I always do haha. Right now I am doing an instragram Project 365 and somewhat failing at a project 52. My overall goal is to photograph my kids more by any means necessary though and not beat myself up over it when I miss a day.

15075368112_778dc8307b_c What are your top 2 goals for 2015?

Travel and Teaching. Both things I love so much.

15371890377_8c280e2ed3_c Now to get to know you a little more personally, let’s do some fill in the blank!

The 1 thing I can’t live without on a daily basis is COFFEE.  It isn’t even the caffeine high. I just love the way it tastes.

If I wasn’t a photographer, I would have been a writer.

On Friday night, you’ll find me cuddled with the kids reading a book, watching movies, or out exploring.

My celebrity crush is definitely Jax from Sons of Anarchy. I don’t know his real name haha. My girl crush would def be Jennifer Lawrence.

A movie I could watch over and over is The Notebook.

The first thing I would do if I won the lottery is give most of the money to various charities, but especially to finding a cure for alzhemeir’s.

My friends would describe me as introverted.  Yes, I am hard to get a hold of haha.

Thanks so much for interviewing with us, Sarah!  To see more of her gorgeous work, check out the links below:

Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram


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