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August 27, 2015

We are so lucky to have so many talented photographers in this community of every genre.  Almost every single macro submission we had, they said how much they LOVED shooting macro and how it was their passion.  I love how much detail is in the little things that we don’t see often.  Thank you to everyone who submitted.  Here are some of our chosen features from the bunch!

Heather Sarra Studios

Tokina 100mm f/2.8 (for Nikon)

ISO 500, 100mm, f/6.3, 1/320 sec



Canon macro 100mm4.5 Iso 400
DaMariposa Photography
Canon 6D with Sigma 105mm 2.8 macro lens
ISO 400, 2.8 1/100sec
IMG_1963 (2)
LBK Photography
50mm Sigma 2.8 Macro
ISO 1250 1/320 sec F2.8
Tracy Jade Photography
Sony 30mm 2.8 macro lens
ISO 200 f/2.8 1/50 sec
Fotografie Chantal van den Dool
Lensbaby Macro Sweet35 1 is Taken with the Lensbaby ComposerPro Sweet35 optic and the 16mm Macro converter.
ISO 160, Aperture 2.8, Shutterspeed 125
Lensbaby Macro Sweet35 1
Jessica Briggs Photography
Nikkor 40mm 2.8
40mm  f/8.0  ISO100 1/125 sec
purple macro flower
Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro Lens
f7.1 1/100 ISO 800 100mm
Julia Paige Design Photography
Canon 70D Lens 50mm
ISO 100  1/400 F 7.1

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