Staying Creative In a Time of Change

March 23, 2016

Recently my family had a big move from Arizona to Colorado. This is my first big move as an adult and artist.  I was really trying to take this move in stride.  I knew from the very beginning I would struggle creatively but now that we are at the end of our move and the boxes are mostly unpacked, I sit here and look at the images I created over the past few months and they are seriously some of my favorite images I have ever shot.  Here are some things I did to stay creative in a time of change.

Photographing everyday!!  So one thing I committed to when we moved was a 366 project.  Not one where I follow weekly or daily prompts but one where I photograph our life everyday.  Picking up my camera everyday has made me look at my surroundings differently and has made me learn new and different ways to get interesting shots.


Embracing the change as a time to grow and learn has really helped me define my style and who I am as an artist.  Whether you’re moving, adding a new child, or you are going through another type of life change, embracing that change helps alleviate the stress give you the chance to try new things and embrace new ideas.  Try something new, buy a prism, shoot for only black and white edits, do something you’ve been wanting to do creatively for a long time but for one reason or another you never did it.


Reach out to other creatives. This one is HUGE!  When we first learned of our move to Colorado I searched out a group of photographers.  I started talking to these people, networking with them and when I got here I wasn’t afraid to reach out to these people.  It was so nice because when I got here it was like I had a few friends waiting for me with open arms.  Connecting to other creatives can really get your creativity flowing.


Creating your space.  It’s hard for me to be creative if I don’t have a space of my own to do it in.  We have a house with a weird layout and the only available “office” is upstairs.  Upstairs doesn’t work for me because I am home with my 2 year old, I can’t really work up there during the day because her toys are down stairs.  So I created a little corner for myself in our living room.  I have my favorite plants, my oil diffuser, photos and other small things that really make me comfortable.  Having my own space has really helped me.  You really don’t need a whole lot of space, like I said, my spot is literally in a tiny corner of my living room (and yes my mouse pad is a cat riding bacon in space…).  But it’s my space and right now it’s working for me.  If you have an area in your home that isn’t used much, consider making it your creative space.


I really hope that some of these tips will help you when you find yourself in a time of transition or change.


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Hi I am Jessica!  I am the Owner and Photographer at Photo: Art By Jessica.  I currently live in Denver, Colorado.  I am a wife to an amazing man named Luke, he currently serves in the Air Force and I am a mom to two crazy little girls; Lilian is 7 and Aria is 2.  I consider myself a documentary photographer that does portraits on the side.  My favorite thing to document is Births, watching a new life enter the world has forever changed me.  I really love chocolate cake and the occasional hike with my family in the mountains.  I am so excited to be contributing to the Light Inspired Blog.

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