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How To Taking The Instagram “Killer” Picture Of Yourself

Picture Of How To Taking The Instagram "Killer" Picture Of Yourself

Do you know Instagram is the second most engaged social media platform in the world, with Facebook as the first? Reading this piece alone shows you are on Instagram and want to be more engaging in the space.

Coined from the words “instant camera” and “telegram”, Instagram has recorded over 45 billion shared pictures. Instagram has also recorded over 290 million selfies and still counting in millions daily.

You can take one of those trending pictures on Instagram that can stand out from the crowd.

Have you ever wondered how to take a good Instagram photo of yourself? Then this piece is for you. The good news is that you can also have breathtaking pictures of yourself on Instagram from beautiful locations like Winnipeg in Canada.

You would want to experience photography in Winnipeg because there are so many amazing places you can take amazing photos.

How To Take A Good Instagram Photo Of Yourself

It is not enough to just post pictures of yourself on Instagram. You can take the photos yourself or get a friend who would want to be a part of this adventure with you.

You can also go for your photo adventure yourself. The following would help you achieve your desired goal.

1. A Tripod:

A simple and adjustable tripod will be of great benefit to you. You can always get a good tripod that would get the job done in most online sales outlets like Amazon. For easy transport, ensure it is foldable.

2. A Good Camera:

A good camera is a must-have. A DSLR and some wifi enabled phone can help get the job done. With the app that would help you control the camera’s shutter with a remote at intervals.

If you can’t afford a good camera, you can also use your phone if it has the self-timer but it would be somewhat stressful because you might have to set the timer each time or probably take selfies which might not cover the desired range or fully capture the environment.

It would also be a challenge in getting the right angle. So getting a good camera will help you up-your-game but ensure that the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

You also need;

1. Good Lighting Source:

A good lighting source also contributes immensely to the outcome of a photo. Natural lighting source is usually the best.

Photoshoots are usually better especially before the sun sets or before it rises. The golden color it casts makes the photo look better.

2. Area Covered:

It is advised that the subject be captured in a photo session covers one-third or two-thirds of the photo. The subject should also be a position to the sides, top or bottom and not the center of the picture.

3. Get The Most Of Your Background:

The background can influence the general outcome of your photo. Use a simple background instead of a complex and packed background.

Some backgrounds “steals the show” making themselves the center of attraction but blurry or neutral background makes the subject the star of the show.

4. Let Motion Work for You:

In contrast to just standing still or just seating, you can make movements or mimic motion like walking towards the camera, playing with your hair or just moving your hand or leg and capture these moments. This movement makes your photo look dynamic.

5. Don’t Forget:

While using a public place for the picture, don’t forget to ensure that you choose a location or time when there’ll be lesser people in the location.

There are chances that you might feel shy especially when all eyes are on you. Just ignore them. Don’t trespass into private properties or cause unnecessary scenes.

How Can I Be More Photogenic 

Some people make a mess in front of a camera. To get better with taking pictures, you need:

  1. Practice: With practice with a camera or in front of the mirror, you can get better.
  2. Know Your Angle: There is a part of your body that helps you pose better naturally.
  3. Prepare: Preparation will help build your confidence. Extra make-up, a change of wears and more.
  4. You Can Do With Some Emotion: Do things that help you relax.
  5. You can try out new positions: Get out of the box and try out new things.

Great Places To Take Your Instagram Photo In Winnipeg

These locations offer you the superb background needed for your photo-shoots. They are also lovely places for you if you want to take selfies.

You should check out the following locations;

1. Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge:

How about taking a selfie with the 57- meters engineering masterpiece with the beautiful city’s skyscrapers as the backdrop? You can also get a nice photo shot from the Mon Ami Louis on the bridge.

2. Manitoba Museum:

The Manitoba Museum is another beautiful spot for your photos. The museum has rich collections of materials like the towering dinosaur skeleton, the Nonsuch and other materials and objects from the history of the city.

3. The “Imagine” Sculpture:

The “Imagine” sculpture is a masterpiece at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre in memory of the two founders of the theater Tom Hendry and John Hirsch. You can take those Instagram like-drawing photos with these sculptures.

4. Manitoba Legislative Building:

If you need an amazing and historic background that will speak volumes, the Manitoba Legislative Building is a good spot.

It is a 19th-century architectural masterpiece with the superabundance of Masonic symbols in the building’s design. There are so many spots for good photos inside and outside the building.

5. Human Rights Museum Tower of Hope:

The Human Rights Museum Tower of Hope in Canada is a beautiful spot for your Instagram photos.

You can take inspiring photos with the Inspiring Change gallery. You can also take selfies at the Tower of Hope with the mind-blowing view of the city.

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