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Niki Boon

I was mesmerized by these amazing black and white images by Niki Boon as soon as I saw them.  To truly understand the intent behind her images, I think you need to hear these words straight from her:

My love of lifestyle photography stems from a bit of history.. my mother died when I was in my late teens. We lived on a remote farm and back then cameras were not everywhere as they are now, because of this images of my life when I was growing up are minimal. I know of only two photographs of my mother and I together in a frame before she got sick, that exist and these faded 6’ x 4’ photos that I still keep close, have become extremely valuable to me. They are a reminder of how unpredictable life is, how important it is to live deliberately and appreciate those I love. Any images I have of our life back then are treasured, as they are my  primary source of stories now with only couple of people left to tell them.

Today as a mother, I am as you can imagine, rather obsessive about taking pictures of our family. It is my passion to capture as much of their life , as I view it, in meaningful pictures as I can… their stories, our stories and a piece of me.. there for them to rejoice in for years to come.

I want to capture life… the happy, the sad, the angry, the connection, the isolation, the emotion.. and want I dream to capture, even if just a glimpse.. is people’s souls, who they are… one day I hope to have these skills, it my challenge.

I want my work to tell a story, about the people I photograph.. who they are..who they really are, what they do and why they are here.

I am drawn to photographs with depth, mood , emotion, and the incomplete left wondering or wanting more.


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