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FEBRUARY 15, 2016

This is my bread+butter genre…. I LOVE births, so finding my 3 favorite photos was super fun.  

Our 1st place birth photo is by Three Plus Photography from Hawaii.  I love the deep connection of the parents with the precious baby looking on.  Beautiful! 

Can you tell us a little bit about this photo?

In that first hour after this baby was born, she was intensely looking around and super alert. I saw that her eyes were catching beautiful light as she stared at her mommy. I quickly decided to detach my lens and freelens so that I could nail a small area of focus. The bonus was that look that both parents have each other right when I released my shutter! This image has quickly become my favorite postpartum image in a long time!

What’s in your bag?

I recently upgraded to a Canon 5d mark iii and I still have my Canon 5d mark ii and Canon 7d mark i as back up bodies and for underwater work. As far as lenses go, I use my 50mm 1.4 and my 14mm 2.8 the most, and also shoot with a 16-35mm 2.8, 28mm 1.8 and a lensbaby Muse.

A piece of advice for the rest of us?

Find what makes your heart happy and hold onto that. Shoot what makes you happy. I know it’s hard when things are financially difficult and in those first few years where we shoot anything and everything, but use those times to figure out what makes you produce your best work; work where you pour your soul into. Documenting births is it for me, so even with the long hours and the exhaustion, I still wanna keep doing it because that’s what I truly love shooting.

If you could have anyone photograph you, who would it be?

Keeping it birth related, if I could go back in time and have a birth photographer for both of my children’s births (and if I could fly anyone I wanted!) I would get Paige Driscoll of Santa Cruz Birth Photography, Jaydene Freund of Cradled Creations to shoot it and Laura Paulescu of Crowned Photography to film it.

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