Millennial Parents

7 Things Millennial Parents are Doing Right

The new age of parenting is way more advanced than the previous parental generations. There is a whole new environment created for the kids by millennials which makes them more effective in being parents. Here are the things millennial parents are doing right, which sets them apart.

Planning right

The millennials are conscious of their financial stabilities as well as their goals. They are aware of the responsibilities they will gain once they have kids. This is why they are planning their kids as well as their marriage way later than the previous generations. The average age of people getting married today has come up to 30 years as compared to 23 years in the past.


As the millennials are way more connected to technology, they have a huge information base to know and learn things. They use all sorts of platforms for informing themselves about daily life solutions ranging from cooking, repairs, home designing, and technology needs. This way, they can plan better living space for themselves as well as their kids.

Wider perspective

Unlike the previous generations, the millennials are more open-minded to new ideas. They are interested in listening to different perspectives as rather having a single belief system for them and their family. This gives them a much wider learning experience and also help them to educate their kids better about different cultures, traditions, and education. The kids today can choose from various opportunities and can stay humble to other’s perspective.


The millennials are also encouraged for a healthy living. They are more conscious of the health benefits of staying fit and having a fresh and organic diet. They also have new alternatives for junk food which are equally delicious to be enjoyed by kids as well.

More involved men

Not just women, but the men today are also equally involved in taking care of the kids. More men are opting to take equal and complete responsibility of kids while more women are becoming the source of income for the homes because of their own choices. Men are interested in learning about parenting way more than before. From changing diapers to checking the health of the kids, dads are managing everything.

Making constructive arguments

The connection between parents and kids today is more constructive than ever. Today the parents choose to listen to their kids if they make a valid point or not. This gives the kids to put forth their side, which also teaches them to listen to what the parents have to say. If the parents do not consider what their toddlers have to say, the kids grow up to become rebellious and closed years for any bits of advice. It is a passive advising technique that parents use to teach their kids better things.